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Alex Yellowphotographer

“We’ve worked with Informology for years and describe their commitment to service as excellent. Their professionalism is very good … they always seem to have what we need, or are willing to assist in any trouble shooting support. In addition, Informology keeps up with new products and innovation.”

Abdul RahmanSystem Administrator

“I love the email setup guide provided after you add a mailbox in the service centre. I set up my ipad in 2 min. Great service and staff.”

Stefan CarlosBusinessman

“Informology helped our MYOSUG members (Malaysia Openstack User Group) build OpenStack private cloud for research. I am truly impressed with Informology technical team’s in-depth knowledge on end-to-end deployment of Openstack cloud platform. Critical issues related to VM Console and Swift were handled professionally. Looking forward to a long term partnership.”

Hafiz IsmailOpenStackMY Community

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Anna Leephotographer

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Alex Freemancreative director

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Tiffany Grayprivate attorney